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Sinopec (China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation) is known globally as the largest oil refining, gas, and petrochemical conglomerate. And yet, its logo doesn’t look like an average corporate logo.

Meaning and History

Sinopec logo
The Sinopec visual identity is very surprising for the industry, as it looks like a masterpiece or a fashion logo. It is composed of a unique typeface of the wordmark with a rounded emblem, resembling a rising sun.

The wordmark features a glyph-styles font of the “Sin” part, with elongated “I” and “N”, creating a sense of eternal growth and a snake-like letter “S”, which is elegantly moving.

Logo Sinopec

The “OPEC” part of the wordmark is executed in a modern sharp typeface with diamond-like lettering, adding a sense of preciousness and style.

The red circle complimenting the wordmark is a symbol of Asia and its prosperity. The emblem also contains the Chinese interpretation of the company’s name, which reflects the Sinopec heritage and traditions.

The black, red and white color palette of the Sinopec visual identity makes it contemporary and bright, reflecting the corporation’s authority and influence, showing its power, confidence, and trustworthiness.

It is a remarkable logo for the energy company, which can not be messed up with any other emblem in the industry. It stands out and shows the brand as creative and futuristic.

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