Valve Logo

Valve logo

Valve is a video-games developing company, which was established in 1996 I. The United States. The company became famous after the release of Counter-Strike, one of the world’s most played video games in history.

Meaning and history

Valve Logo history

The official Valve logo is a simple wordmark, placed inside a rectangle. The earlier versions of the visual identity were executed in a monochrome color palette, where the white lettering was located on a black background with a white rectangular outline.

The current Valve logo is composed of white lettering on a red background. It looks minimalist and contemporary. Its simplicity elevates it and creates the sense of a professional and powerful company.

The Valve wordmark in all the capital letters is executed in a clean and neat sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to narrowed Arial Bold. The most recognizable detail of the company’s visual identity is a little last “E”, which is reduced for almost a half in comparison to all the other letters.

Valve logo

The Valve visual identity is not only it’s the logo. The company is known for its crea-tive advertising campaigns and the use of the recognizable mascot “The Valve Guy”.

The mascot emblem was designed in the very beginning of the company’s history. It depicts a big bald guy with a red valve in the back of his head, representing the brand’s idea “Open Your Mind”. The other Valve art showed the man with the Valve coming out of his eye.

These two artworks became truly iconic and the modest and neat Valve logotype looks really stylish and meaningful near creative and unique mascot emblems.