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Booz Allen Hamilton LogoBooz Allen Hamilton Logo

Booz & Company was founded in 1914 and grew into the government consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. In 2008, Booz & Company’s corporate business consulting firm spun off and in 2008, Carlyle Group acquired it. However, the most important thing has remained the same – Booz Allen Hamilton is one of the world leaders in consulting and crisis management.

Meaning and history

Booz Allen Hamilton Logo history

In 1914, Edwin Booze, a young graduate of Northwestern University, decided to start his own business and probably did not even expect that a hundred years later his company would become one of the most prestigious international consulting companies with 80 offices around the world and more than 30 thousand employees.

In 2014, the two global consulting firms PwC and Booz & Company officially announced the successful completion of their merger. In fact, Booz & Company officially became part of PwC’s international network of companies. As a result, Booz & Company, known as one of the world leaders in management and strategy consulting, changed its name to Strategy&.

Booz Allen Hamilton not only advises its clients but also helps them implement all recommendations provided by the company’s experts. Today, Booz Allen Hamilton operates in two areas: Worldwide Commercial Business (WCB) and Worldwide Technology Business (WTB). WCB offers advice on strategic management, leadership, work organization, etc. The work is also divided into specific sectors related to a particular industry: automotive, media and technology, communications, healthcare, energy, and financial services. The company also provides services in developing countries in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Unlike WCB, WTB works more with government agencies. WTB is divided into three working groups, each working in one specific area: Defense, National Security, International Affairs, and Infrastructure.

What is Booz Allen Hamilton?
Booz Allen Hamilton is the name of an American consulting firm specializing in strategic consulting, technical expertise, and cybersecurity. It was founded in 1914 and has a wide range of experience working with government organizations, commercial enterprises, and non-profit organizations. Today, Booz Allen Hamilton is one of the ten most reputable companies in its segment.

In terms of visual identity, the modern Booz Allen Hamilton brand is minimalistic, confident, and stylish. However, throughout the years, the firm has changed different concepts and approaches to its logo design.

The 1920s

Booz Allen Hamilton Logo 1920

The company’s original logo, used from the beginning until the middle of the 1920s, featured a solid blue roundel with white contoured lettering written around its perimeter and a white image of a lighthouse with water waves at the bottom. The name of the company’s founder, Edwin Booz, was written at the top part of the frame, and the “Surveys” were at the bottom.

???? – Today

Booz Allen Hamilton Logo

After another redesign, the Booz Allen Hamilton logo was completely minimized and today it has nothing but clean shapes, distinctive lines, and a laconic monochrome color palette. The name of the company is now written in the title case of a geometric sans-serif typeface; with the three parts of the wordmark separated from each other by black vertical lines, which a slightly longer than the bars of the capital characters in the inscription.

Font and color

Booz Allen Hamilton Emblem

The medium-weight sans-serif lettering from the primary Booz Allen Hamilton logo is set in a simple yet distinctive typeface, which looks pretty similar to such commercial fonts as Franklin Gothictrade, or FreesiaUPC.

As for the color palette of the Booz Allen Hamilton visual identity, it is as simple and powerful as can be — black and white. This scheme makes up a professional and confident look for the company and emphasizes such qualities as strength, reputation, and expertise.