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Swarco is an Austrian company, which specializes in the development and production of road infrastructures, such as signage and marking, as well as management in fields of urban traffic, tunnel, and parking. Today the company operates across the globe, providing the latest road management solutions to customers worldwide.

Meaning and history

The company’s visual identity is instantly recognizable and elegant. Its logo is composed of a wordmark with a bright emblem on its left. There is also a separate icon the company uses for the websites and applications.

The main emblem of the company is composed of three bold arrowheads, one facing right and two others — left. They form a flower-like pattern with sharp petals. Orange arrows feature a thick black outline, which makes it more distinct and modern.

Swarco Emblem

The Swarco icon and signifier are composed of the same arrowhead, facing right. But it is executed in a blue and white color palette and has the letter “S” on it, which right bottom part is cut.

The blue and orange color palette is a reflection of the trustworthiness and reliability of the dynamic and energetic company. And the white and black accents of the visual identity add elegance and seriousness to the whole logo, making the company look stronger and more confident.


The Swarco wordmark in the lowercase is written in a customized sans-serif typeface, where the letter “W” is the sharpest element. The inscription is visually divided into two parts “swa” and “rco” where all three letters are connected to each other with the only space — between “A” and “R”.

The smooth and stylish typeface looks close to Europe Grotesk or is just a modified Arial Pro Black. It looks elegant and traditional, yet with some accents and softened lines, it adds uniqueness and individuality to the nameplate and makes it instantly recognizable.

Swarco Logo


Swarco is a traffic technology group, which is headquartered in Austria and serves customers all over the globe. The group is known to be one of the world’s leaders in urban traffic solutions and manufactures a wide range of products for public transportation and parking.

The company also provides traffic management services along with enforcement and traffic violation. The Swarco’s main aim is to increase road safety and improve mobility, according to the needs of society.

The colony has almost 4 thousand of traffic experts who are able to help every customer in developing and creating a perfect solution for any needs.

Swarco product range includes thermoplastic markings, liquid paints, as well as products for parking, public transport, and detection.