Valparaiso Crusaders Logo

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Valparaiso Crusaders Logo
The athletic teams from Valparaiso University located in Valparaiso, Indiana, are known as the Valparaiso Crusaders or just Valpo.

Meaning and history

Valparaiso Crusaders Logo history

While the current Valparaiso Crusaders logo and the previous one allude to the crusaders’ theme in a pretty direct way, the older logo was less transparent.
On the current emblem, you can see the upper half of the body of a knight in armor and helmet. The lettering “Valpo” in yellow can be seen below.
On the previous logo (2000-2010), the knight was depicted in a cartoonish style, which hardly did a good job for the brand identity. The logo used in 1988-1999 was dominated by a large “V.”