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The 13 varsity teams competing at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, play at the NCAA Division I level.

Meaning and history

SEMO Redhawks Logo history

1989 – 2004

SEMO Redhawks Logo 1989When in 1989 the teams introduced their new Southeast Missouri State Redhawks logo, some people were probably surprised that there was not a single trace of a hawk of any kind. However, there was a nod to the Native American theme – a spear going through the large letters “S” and “E.”

2005 – 2019

SEMO Redhawks Logo 2005

The SE Missouri State Redhawks logo introduced in 2012 is totally different. Here, you can see the side view of a hawk with a pretty determined expression on his face. The creature has red and black feathers, while his beak is grey with black trim.

2020 – Today

SEMO Redhawks logo
They kept a hawk’s head, adopted in 2005. The words beneath it were swapped for just ‘SEMO’, written in tilted white letters with a slight red tint and thick black shadows.