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Valentino Rossi is one of the most famous moto racers in the world. Born in 1979 in Italy, he earned numerous prestigious awards and became a world champion several times.

Meaning and history

During his career, Valentino Rossi has a few nicknames, but the one he chose himself is The Doctor. And the nickname is one of the elements of his visual identity design.

The colorful and playful Valentino Rossi logo features “The Doctor” wordmark written in Mario style — in thick cartoon lettering, each of them in its own color, with a yellow outline and black shadow. The “46”, moto racers lucky number, is written in huge yellow numbers and placed above the wordmark.

Valentino Rossi Logo

There are a lot of versions of color palette for Valentino Rossi’s logo, as it looks like a part of animation — bright and funny. Sometimes the logo is placed on a blue background, sometimes — on a white. But it always looks striking and eye-catching.

Valentino Rossi’s logo is full of energy and dynamics, it shows the famous champion’s character, his positive approach, and constant moving. The logo evokes a smile and a sense of joy and friendliness.

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