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Vivid and dynamic, the Henderson logo is also legible enough. This is an example of a corporate logo that is not boring.

Meaning and history

Henderson Logo history

The company’s roots can be traced back to 1892 when John Henderson set up a stall where he offered local butter, eggs, and cheese. This was the start of a successful wholesale business. In 1923, his business was incorporated.

The company used the brand name Spar. Today, it is known as the owner of the brands EuroSpar, Vivo, Vivoxtra, and Vivo Essentials.

1993 – 2010

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2010 – 2017

Henderson Logo 2010

2017 – now

Henderson logo


Henderson emblem


Even though the Henderson Group logo is primarily a corporate logo, it looks bright and full of life. This effect is achieved mostly due to the arch colored in various shades. Although there is a certain resemblance with the rainbow, the way the colors are positioned (one after another) is different from the way they are positioned in the rainbow (one above the other).

The arch serves as the horizontal bar of the “H.” While this approach slightly damages the legibility of the design, the wordmark remains pretty easy to understand.

The lettering “Henderson” is given in an italicized sans emphasizing the implied motion you can feel in the multicolored arch. While the word “Group” also features an italicized sans, the letters are smaller.