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Probably the most distinctive feature of the logo of Osiris Shoes, a skate shoe manufacturer, is that it seems to be watching you. This unusual effect works both in print and when the emblem is placed on the products.

Meaning and history

Osiris Shoes Logo history

Osiris Shoes is a renowned footwear brand founded by Tony Chen in 1996. With a focus on skateboarding shoes, Osiris quickly gained popularity among the skateboarding community for its innovative designs and high-performance footwear. Throughout its history, Osiris has achieved significant milestones, including collaborations with professional skateboarders and the introduction of advanced technologies such as the patented “Impact System” for enhanced cushioning and durability. The brand’s commitment to quality and style has earned it a loyal customer base worldwide. Today, Osiris Shoes continues to thrive as a prominent player in the skateboarding industry, offering a wide range of skate shoes and apparel, and maintaining its dedication to delivering cutting-edge products for skateboarders of all levels.

What is Osiris Shoes?
Osiris Shoes is a company known for its skateboarding footwear and apparel. Founded in 1996, the brand quickly gained popularity for its innovative designs and durable construction, catering to the needs of skateboarders and action sports enthusiasts worldwide.

1996 – 2005

Osiris Shoes Logo 1996

The Osiris logo can be broken down into two parts. Depending on the visual context and the surface on which they appear, the two parts can be placed either one above the other or next to each other.

The wordmark, which can be positioned either below or to the left of the roundel, features the word “Osiris” in an all-cap sans. Most of the letters in the Osiris Shoes logo are based on a rectangle and have standard proportions providing decent legibility.

2005 – now

Osiris Shoes Logo

The larger part is the roundel emblem. It is based on a black circle. A thick white ring partly overlaps with the circle. It is positioned close to the bottom of the black circle. The inner part of the white ring forms a smaller black circle. On the whole, the design resembles an eye. This is why it may seem the logo is “watching” you.

The “O,” though, is slightly different – it is pretty wide in comparison with the other letters and is based on a square. The reason why the designers have opted for such a shape is probably that they wanted to create a visual link between the “O” and the circles above. And yet, we can mention that although there is a link between these parts, the initial “O” somehow fails to merge with the other letters.

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