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The UTPB Falcons is a collegiate sports team owned by the University of Texas Permian Basin. They compete in various sports at the NCAA Division II level. The Falcons represent UTPB in intercollegiate competitions across the United States, showcasing the university’s athletic prowess and dedication to sports excellence.

Meaning and history

UTPB Falcons Logo

Probably all the fans remember the typographic athletic logo of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin located in Odessa, Texas. Here, you could see the letters “UTPB” given in two lines. The “U” and “T” were orange and stood in the first line, while the “P” and “B” in white could be seen below.

On the current primary logo, there is the side view of the falcon’s head in black and white. Behind the bird’s face, there is an orange shield. The bird has a very prominent beak, due to which it gets a very aggressive style.

What is UTPB Falcons?
UTPB Falcons is not a company; it is an athletic program representing the University of Texas Permian Basin. The UTPB Falcons compete in various collegiate sports at the NCAA Division II level.