Florida Atlantic Owls logo

Florida Atlantic Owls Logo

The old Florida Atlantic Owls logo, which was adopted in 1994, featured an owl with its wings spread. The creature looked as if it was going to attack. The text “FAU” in red was placed on the forefront.

Meaning and history

Florida Atlantic Owls logo history

When the team introduced a new emblem in 2005, it did not get rid of the owl theme. However, the creature looked utterly different now. The Florida Atlantic Owls logo featured only the owl’s face in blue and white. The lettering “FAU” was still there, although it moved from the forefront to a more modest position.

Florida Atlantic Owls football

Florida Atlantic Owls football logo

The team has been the Sun Belt Conference co-champions one time. In 2017, they became the Conference USA champions. They also boast three postseason bowl appearances and one appearance in the 2003 I-AA Playoffs.

Florida Atlantic Owls baseball

Florida Atlantic Owls baseball logo

The history of the university’s baseball team started in 1981. In 2002, the Owls won their only Super Regional. They have won eleven regionals, six Regular Season Conference Championships, and two Conference Tournament Championships.