Utah Valley Wolverines Logo

Utah Valley Wolverines Logo

The “Wolverines” nickname has been the main source of inspiration for the athletic logo of Utah Valley University located in Orem, Utah. Since at least 1999, the emblem has always featured the wolverine (glutton).

Meaning and history

Utah Valley Wolverines Logo history

On the current Utah Valley Wolverines logo (introduced in 2012), you can see an angled view of the creature’s head facing mostly to the right. The lettering “UVU” (the initials of Utah Valley University) is placed below.

The previous emblem (adopted in 2008) featured the same image, while the lettering was different. There was the full name of the university (in tiny letters) and the word “Wolverines” (in large letters). On the 1999 logo, the head was turned straight to the right.

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