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The “Wolverines” nickname has been the main source of inspiration for the athletic logo of Utah Valley University located in Orem, Utah. Since at least 1999, the emblem has always featured the wolverine (glutton).

Meaning and history

Utah Valley Wolverines Logo history
Utah Valley Wolverines is the athletic program, which represents Utah Valley University, a public educational institution, founded in Orem, Utah, in 1941. Today it is one of the largest universities in its state, with more than 40 thousand students.

As for the athletic program ofUtah Valley University, it is composed of 16 men’s and women’s teams, which compete in the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association in such sports disciplines as Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling, and a few others. All teams of the program are members of the Western Athletic Conference.

2004 – 2008

Utah Valley Wolverines Logo-1999
The Utah Valley Wolverines logo designed in 1999 stayed with the club for eight years. It was a dark and intense badge with a black banner and yellow lettering placed above the yellow and green wolverine image. The animal was depicted in profile facing to the right and looked aggressive and powerful with its white teeth naked. As for the lettering, it was split into two parts — the main, “Wolverines”, was set on a black background and executed in a bold and straight sans-serif typeface with all letters in the uppercase, but the first and the last one enlarged; and the “Utah Valley State” in small dark letters placed on a white background above the graphical part.

2007 – 2012

Utah Valley Wolverines Logo 2007
The logo was redesigned in 2009, becoming lighter and more airy. The black banner was gone and now the inscription in yellow and green was placed on a white background above the enlarged wolverine image. The wordmark was completely redrawn and the new typeface was narrower and thinner than the one from the previous emblem. As for the graphical part, it was also refined and modernized, keeping the color palette and the mood of the iconic mascot.

2012 – 2016

Utah Valley Wolverines Logo 2012

The Utah Valley Wolverines badge, introduced in 2012, was based on the previous version of the program’s logo, but with some modifications, which made it look stronger and more balanced. The main thing of this redesign wasthe enlargement of the top lettering line, with the “Utah Valley University” inscription becoming more readable.

2016 – Today

Utah Valley Wolverines Logo

On the current Utah Valley Wolverines logo, you can see an angled view of the creature’s head facing mostly to the right. The lettering “UVU” (the initials of Utah Valley University) is placed below.

What are Utah Valley Wolverines?
Utah Valley Wolverines is the name of the college athletic program from the Utah Valley University. The program joined the NCAA Division I in 2003, and since then showed itself as a very strong competitor with its 16 teams in various kinds of sports. The UV Wolverines is best known for its men’s basketball team.

Utah Valley Wolverines Colors

HEX COLOR: #275D38;
RGB: (39,93,56)
CMYK: (84,38,88,34)

HEX COLOR: #000000;
RGB: (0,0,0)
CMYK: (0,0,0,100)

RGB: (142,140,137)

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