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Unspeakable Logo
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Unspeakable is the pseudonym of Nathan Johnson Graham, one of the most famous and richest YouTubers. The blogger started his online career in the middle of the 2010s, and by today has gained an audience of more than 20 million subscribers from all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Unspeakable is the YouTube blogger, who became popular for his Minecraft videos. In 2019 the YouTuber became one of the richest, with his earnings from advertising estimated at 15 million USD, and in 2021 — 28,5 million USD.
Nathan Johnson Graham started his YouTube channel instead of going to college, and like shows, this time investment has completely bought itself out. Nathan specializes in videos on the Minecraft video game, however, now he also shoots challenges.

In 2021 Unspeakable sold a catalog of his YouTube videos to Spotter, which is one of the YouTube content owners. And this deal put Nathan on Forbes’ list of top5 richest YouTubers.

Who is Unspeakable?

Unspeakable is one of the most popular YouTubers, whose real name is Nathan Johnson Graham. The blogger became popular for his videos where he plays Minecraft, although lately he also started posting clips with various challenges. By today the channel of Unspeakable has gained over 20 million followers.

In terms of visual identity, the YouTubers is as loud and crazy as in his videos. The bright colors, wide strokes, and strong character, all these features make the Unspeakable logo memorable and instantly recognizable. The logo of the blogger is composed of two parts — a stylized wordmark, which is often used on its own, and a bright drawing, which can be set above the logotype.

The 2010s — Today

Unspeakable Logo 2010

The primary Unspeakable badge boasts a bright green hand-written logotype in the uppercase, executed in a designer font with the wide letters slightly slanted, and drawn in a paintbrush style. Each letter in the inscription is unique, and if you look at two “E”s, you will see how different their strokes are. This is just like with the content of the video blogger: he might post hundreds of videos only on Minecraft theme, but none of them are similar. The inscription can be seen in acid-green or black colors.

Unspeakable Logo

The graphical part of the Unspeakable logo shows a square green head with square Minecraft-style eyes. The face has its mouth opened, even “jaw-dropping”, to literally depict the name of the blogger. The frog has become an iconic YouTube symbol and is known not only by the millions of Unspeakable subscribers but many more people from all over the globe.