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Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, the United Soccer League started its history in 2011 under the name of the USL Pro. In the hierarchy of the US and Canada system of soccer leagues, it is positioned under Major League Soccer (Division I).

Meaning and history

United Soccer League Logo history

2011 — 2015

United Soccer League Logo 2011In 2011–2014, the USL logo looked different. It included the old name of the league, where “USL” was given in green and “PRO” – in dark blue. The “O” was formed by a flying soccer ball, and there was an orange wave on the background.

2015 — 2019

United Soccer League Logo 2015

The United Soccer League logo showcases the abbreviation “USL” in a solid sans serif type. What makes it unique is the way it is broken into two parts by a horizontal white bar (or gap).

2019 — Today

United Soccer League logo
The 2019 logo has a wide rectangular form. About 2/3 of the top is colored black, the rest is red. The former is where they placed the ‘USL’ acronym, as well as a little ‘2’ inside a red square. The letters of the acronym look thick and bold, and there is a vertical black line going through each of them. The latter section had ‘League Two’ written on it in slimmer, white characters.