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The Chinese Super League (CSL) is a professional football league in China, established in 2004. It operates under the administration of the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The league is owned by the CFA and consists of teams from various cities across China. It has gained significant popularity and has attracted renowned players and coaches from around the world.

Meaning and history

logo CSL

Founded in 2014, the Chinese Football Association Super League is the highest tier of professional football in its country. The color palette of the CSL logo seems to have been inspired by the orange wordmark of its sponsor, Ping An Insurance.

The design is built around a stylized football in flight. The football actually looks a bit like a comet due to its long “tail.” Also, because of the tail and the “fiery” colors, the ball seems to be burning. Below the pictorial part of the Chinese Super League logo, the letters “CSL” in a sans serif type can be seen. The italicized font looks simple and legible, although the lines are rather thin.

What is the Chinese Super League?
The Professional Chinese Super League (CSL) is a top-tier professional football league in China. It consists of teams from various cities across the country and is operated by the Chinese Football Association. The league attracts both domestic and international players, making it one of the fastest-growing and financially lucrative football leagues in the world.

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