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United Launch Alliance is an American cosmic company which is located in Colorado, US. This is the most successful company in the space industry, creating rocket engines powerful enough to move the vehicle across the Earth’s orbit and to other points in our 8-planet system. The projects held by ULA are made in collaboration with the US governmet. Their ELVs, Delta IV Heavy, Vulcan, Centaur, and Atlas V, are interesting to such organizations as US DoD, NASA, and others.

Meaning and history

The business was established in 2006 as a joint project of Boeing and Lockheed Martin. They aimed to secure the mass production of rocket boosters for the Department of Defense, in order to maintain consistent access to the stars for the United States. Since the foundation, ULA has had 150+ launches for DoD, as well as NASA and other for organizations, with 100% success in their operations.

Now, they have been producing four rockets: Atlas V (the first launch was in 2002), Delta IV Heavy (2004), Centaur (the first departure occurred in 1962, and this group of rockets is still produced), and Vulcan (the first flight is planned on 2022).

What is ULA?
United Launch Alliance (ULA) is the way the US Department of Defense secures its interests in cosmos. This is a company manufacturing space engines of Delta IV, Vulcan, Atlas V, and Centaur types. Being the result of a 2006 partnership between Boeing and Lockheed Martin, the cosmic launch has made 150+ star departures, delivering heavy cargo, as well as people across our planet system.

2006 – today

United Launch Alliance Logo

Their logotype is the wordmark with the name’s acronym. The ‘a’ letter’s horizontal bar is styled as a flying rocket, leaving a long trace after its launch. Below the text, there is a semicircle with the tips thinner than the central part. This shape symbolizes the planet’s horizon, receding as the rocket flies up.


This logotype is completely executed in the shade associative with the dark sky or the space – dark black. Sometimes, the logotype may be placed on a white background.


United Launch Alliance Symbol

The nameplate has an angular sans-serif style with wide letters having small intervals in between.