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Uniroyal is the trademark of tires that were manufactured by a company, which had been founded in 1892 in Naugatuck, Connecticut, the USA under the name of United States Rubber Company. It got the name Uniroyal in 1961 and six years later, this name brand started to appear on all its products. In 1985, The tyre business was merged with B. F. Goodrich to form Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company. In 1990, the French Michelin brand purchased Goodrich and the Uniroyal brand. Uniroyal tyres since then are manufactured by Michelin in the United States and Continental AG in Europe.

The logo, its meaning and history

Logo Uniroyal

The current logo was developed in the sixties when its producer got the name that defines the trademark till now. The logo is quite concise and simple: it proudly bears the brand name “UNIROYAL” written in block letters. At the beginning and at the end of the wordmark there are two wide vertical stripes looking like right-angled rectangles. The name of the trademark is made in black, while the stripes are in crimson red colour.

The logo is associated by the customers with the high-quality tires that help to keep their vehicles safe the clients comfortable on the road, in both wet and dry weather. According to the manufacturer’s web site, Uniroyal tires “grip the road like tiger paws”, that is also, why the image of a tiger is very often used in the tires’ commercials.

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