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Umbrella Corporation is the name of a pharmaceutical Corporation from Great Britain, which was active in the market from 1970 until the beginning of the 2000s. The corporation also specialized in consumer goods, cosmetics, food products, and many more.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the large pharmaceutical company has always been based on its name, Umbrella Corporation. An umbrella is not only a symbol of safety and protection, but it also represents a company, which has many different directions, starting from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and finishing with foods and consumer goods.

The logo has always been consistent — a bright red and white emblem, which was instantly recognizable, seemed strong and confident. The shape of the emblem red emblem an open umbrella and was executed in sleek smooth lines, making the picture, composed of eight triangles look modern and stylish.

Umbrella Corporation Logo

Hen placed on a white background, each triangle of the emblem featured a bold black outline, which was balanced by a black wordmark, located under a graphical part. The wordmark in all capitals was set in two levels — with the enlarged “Umbrella” in the upper one, and “Corporation” I’m thinner lines under it.

The nameplate was executed in a strong and clean sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Eurostile Family fonts, with sleek lines and traditional cuts.

The black lettering turned white when the logo was placed on a black background. In this case, the outline of the umbrella emblem was removed and the “petals” started looking three-dimensional.

The Umbrella Corporation logo is an example of a powerful and timeless visual identity, which reflects strength, professionalism, and transparency. The traditional color palette, reflecting passion, loyalty, and confidence, was elevated, looking modern and progressive. This one one of the iconic logos, which is still recognized by people all over the world, even though the company does not exist anymore.