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Allegra is a brand name of fexofenadine drug, which is an antihistamine medication, produced by Sanofi-Adventist’s Group. The drug is known for its properties of treatment of such allergy symptoms as sneezing, itching and hay fever.

Meaning and history

Allegra Logo history

1996 – 2011

Allegra Logo 1996

The original 1996 logo is a big littered. The central piece is a purple word ‘Allegra’ that uses a sort of soft, simple serif font fully in lowercase. The letter ‘e’ is different – it looks drawn manually with a single, very long red stroke. The second inscription right below is a more typical ‘fexofenadine HCl’ (the product name) inscription made in turquoise.

2011 – Today

Allegra Logo

The Allegra logo is elegant and feminine, just like the brand’s name. It is composed of a wordmark with the graphical element inside it, which is also the brand’s signifier and can be seen on every Allegra pill.

The white smooth lettering of the Allegra nameplate placed on a purple background evokes a sense of harmony and calmness, the color combination is synonymous to relief, just a perfect choice for the antihistamine medication.

The softness of the lines and rounded corners of the letters represent the delicate and caring approach of the brand. The Allegra logo evokes a sense of friendliness and warmth.

The letter “E” of the inscription is drawn with an elongated and curved tail going left through the “L”. It also features a light purple gradient color, which softened the bright contrast between text and background and makes the logo look finer and more sophisticated.

The curved Allegra “E” is embossed on every pill and is a recognizable brand’s symbol.