UEFA logo


Founded in 1954, the Union of European Football Associations has gone through more than one logo modification. Since at least 1992, the UEFA logo has been a roundel with the map of Europe in its center. It is placed inside a thick red ring with the letters “UEFA” in white. The red ring, in its turn, is placed inside a thin ring.

UEFA Logo history

1954 — 1995

UEFA Logo 1954

1995 — 2012

UEFA Logo 1995

2012 — Today

UEFA logo

In 2011, the emblem went through an update. Although it’s possible not to notice it, especially at smaller sizes, in fact, there were quite a few modifications.

On the old emblem, the thin ring was colored gold, while the new one has a silver outline. Also, the previous version was flat, while the current one uses a gradient texture both in the red and blue parts to create a 3D effect. While the map of Europe on the old logo was made up of white dots, the new version uses white bars for the purpose.

UEFA emblem

In addition to this, the Union of European Football Associations logo introduced in 2011 sports a different typeface. In comparison with its predecessor, it looks more modern and dynamic due to the combination of rounded and sharp corners, as well as asymmetric elements on the glyphs “A” and “E.” The letters themselves are slightly thinner than those used on the previous version.