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Meaning and history

KBO League Logo history

1982 – 2012

KBO League Logo 1982

The 1982 logo depicts the acronym of the organization, written in red, yellow and blue respectively. Each of them is also given a thick black outline. There’s also a silhouette of a baseball player wielding a bat sticking out from inside of the last letter.

2013 – Today

KBO League logo

The pictorial part of the KBO League logo consists of a roundel emblem based on a highly stylized baseball given in red and white. The baseball appears to be flying at a very high speed leaving a trace of three colors: red, yellow, and blue. The trace has an uneven border making it look like feathers.

Next to the emblem, there’s the lettering “KBO” (sky blue) and “League” in grey. The old Korea Baseball Organization logo (adopted in 1982) featured the abbreviation “KBO” with a player “crawling” out of the final letter.

Korea Baseball Organization logo