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Udinese Logo

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The logo of the Italian football club Udinese Calcio has a long and fascinating history, like the team itself. Udinese FC, which was established in the city of the same name in 1896, is the country’s second oldest club, after Genoa.

Meaning and history

Udinese logo history

One of the earliest known logos (the early 1970s) was based on the letters “ACU” (the initials of the old name of the club, Associazione Calcio Udinese). By the end of the decade, the emblem was replaced by a new one, which featured a zebra looking out of a bright green circle frame. Thezebra was probably inspired by the coat of arms of the city of Udinese, which is based on the combination of black and white.

Symbol evolution

Udinese Symbol

The following Udinese logo made the connection with the city’s emblem even closer. This time, a shield shape was used, which was filled with black and white vertical stripes. The letters “A,” “U,” and “C” were placed on the three central stripes. The team also used a logo featuring the letter “Z” (from the name of the company Zanussi, which used to be its owner).

Current emblem

Udinese Logo

Udinese emblem

The emblem that followed looked even more like the city crest – it borrowed its most prominent element, the black “mountain.” Initially, the mountain was positioned inside a white shield shape, which, in its turn, was placed in a grey circle with a black frame.

On the 2010 Udinese logo, a grey gradient and a gold laurel wreath could be seen.

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