Genoa Logo

Genoa Logo

Genoa Cricket and Football Club boasts the oldest of all currently playing football teams in Italy as its history dates back to 1893. The club’s brand identity is connected with the symbols of its home city, Genoa.

Meaning and history

Genoa Logo history

A side-by-side comparison of the current Genoa CFC logo adopted in 1998 and its forerunner adopted in 1991 provides a better understanding of the club’s brand identity.

Griffin symbol

Genoa symbol

The most prominent part of both the current Genoa logo and its previous version is a yellow creature with wings, sharp claws, and a long tail. That’s a griffin, which was borrowed from the crest of the city of Genoa. There’re two griffins here, which appeared in the late Middle Ages. Interestingly enough, originally the griffins were facing backward.

Red cross emblem

Genoa emblem

The red cross on a white field, which can be seen above the griffin on the current logo, is the famous St. George Cross. It’s a symbol of quite a few countries and cities, including Genoa.


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In addition to the colors borrowed from the coat of arms of the city of Genoa (red, white, and gold), the Genoa CFC emblem also features dark blue and black. Black has been used to provide the finishing touch, while blue presumably symbolizes the sea (Genoa is a port city).