Juventus Logo

Juventus Logo
Juventus is an Italian football club, which was founded in 1897 by a group of students. The club is based in Turin, and it is colloquially referred to as “Juve”.

Meaning and history

Juventus Logo history

Over the history, the Juventus logo has born the vertical striped pattern of the club’s uniform, which was introduced in 1903.

Old logo

Old Juventus logo
Since its advent, the club has had nine logo versions. The first one was introduced in 1905. It featured the black-and-white-stripe pattern and a belt with an inscription in Latin: “Non coronabitur nisi qui legitimicertaverit”, which stands for “Those who don’t play by the rules, never receive the crown.” From 1921 until 1979, the Juventus logo retained some of its basic features. It was a vertically placed oval with the striped pattern, and over the period it underwent several relatively minor changes. In 1979, the logo changed dramatically: the oval was replaced by the image of a prancing white horse. In 1990, the oval returned with two five-point stars above, which disappeared in 2004. Another drastic change took place just recently – in 2017.

New logo

New Juventus logo
The new Juventus logo, although it pretty much breaks the tradition, retains the black-and-white stripe pattern. Two white lines on a black background make a ‘J’, and there is the club’s name above it.


Now simplistic and modern, it fits well on various items and therefore represents the club in a much more straightforward way.


The departure from the traditional oval shape has triggered some fuss among the Juventus fan community. However, it is simplicity and memorability that makes a good logo, and it is a logo that touts a good thing. In this respect, the new Juventus logo seems to be outdoing all its predecessors.