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Juventus, or Juve, is an icon of European football. One of the most popular clubs ever, it was formed in 1897 in Italy. The professional team is on the top of the list of the most rewarded Italian clubs and has a huge fan-base, probably the largest in the world. The club is owned by the Agnelli family and has Mauricio Sarri as the head coach.

Meaning and history

Juventus Logo history

One of the legends of European football, Juventus, has always had a bright and recognizable visual identity, which was first designed in 1905 and is still based on the original version and its color palette.
For more than 100 years the logo of the iconic team was composed of a vertically placed oval, colored in black and white stripes. The wordmark was always placed in its uppers part and its bottom part featured a delicate shield with the horse image and the crown above it.
The wordmark was executed or underlined in gold, the only colorful detail of the logo. It was an example of confident and strong elegance, a true symbol of style and power. The earlier versions also contained blue as an additional color, but the last logo with blue details left the club’s visual identity in 1977.
Until 2004, there was also more gold on the oval medallion of the Italian football club, and at the beginning of the 2000s, the team decides to go into a more minimalist design. So the previous logo was all in monochrome, with only one arched line in gold, separating wordmark from the horse shield.
The monochrome color scheme is a representation of strength, passion, and professionalism, along with luxury and style added by gold accents. The blue stood for reliability and stability, and loyalty of the team to their huge number of fans all over the globe.
The iconic logo was completely redesigned in 2017. Today it is an absolutely new style and concept, yet it is still instantly recognizable and perfectly reflects the character, legacy, and history of the famous football club.
The current Juventus logo is composed of a custom wordmark in all capitals and an emblem, placed under it. Both emblem and wordmark are executed in black and placed on a white background, repeating the color palette of all the previous versions.
The emblem is composed of two stylized letters “J”. They are placed one near another, repeating the shape of the shield and forming a black and white striped pattern, resembling a previous badge.
It is minimalist and extremely stylish. The Juventus logo is a reflection of contemporary design and its power, along with a representation of the team’s strong spirit and their willingness to win and grow.

Old logo

Old Juventus logo
Since its advent, the club has had nine logo versions. The first one was introduced in 1905. It featured the black-and-white-stripe pattern and a belt with an inscription in Latin: “Non coronabitur nisi qui legitimicertaverit”, which stands for “Those who don’t play by the rules, never receive the crown.” From 1921 until 1979, the Juventus logo retained some of its basic features. It was a vertically placed oval with the striped pattern, and over the period it underwent several relatively minor changes. In 1979, the logo changed dramatically: the oval was replaced by the image of a prancing white horse. In 1990, the oval returned with two five-point stars above, which disappeared in 2004. Another drastic change took place just recently – in 2017.
New Juventus logo


Now simplistic and modern, it fits well on various items and therefore represents the club in a much more straightforward way.


The departure from the traditional oval shape has triggered some fuss among the Juventus fan community. However, it is simplicity and memorability that makes a good logo, and it is a logo that touts a good thing. In this respect, the new Juventus logo seems to be outdoing all its predecessors.