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The Italian football club S.S.C. Napoli was established in 1926 under the name of Associazione Calcio Napoli. Since then, the team has gone through almost ten logotypes. However, there was some consistency in their design, too. The Napoli FC logo has almost always been a large “N” inside a light blue circle, the color probably inspired by the waters of the Gulf of Naples.

Meaning and history

Napoli Logo history

Napoli FC was founded as a result of a merger of two clubs, Internazionale Napoli and Naples Foot-Ball Club in 1922 as Internaples, and renamed Napoli in 1926, hence this date is considered an official one.

Throughout the years the club was not the most successful competitor in the Italian football league, and also struggled financially, this is why in the 1990s the team claimed itselfbankrupt but got a second chance in 2004 when the famous Hollywood film producer Aurelio Di Laurentiis decided to invest hisfunds into the rebirth of his favorite football club.

Today Naples played inSerie A, showing itself as a very strong team, and taking a position in the first part of the list.

What is Napoli?
Napoli is the name of a professional football club from Naples, Italy. The team was established in 1926 as Associazione Calcio Napoli, andits current name was only in 2004. Today Napoli plays inSerie A, the top-tier football league inItaly.

1926 — 1927

Napoli Logo 1926The first logo Napoli adopted featured a prancing horse on a ball inside a blue ellipse. The horse was surrounded by the letters “A,” “C,” and “N” (for Associazione Calcio Napoli). The emblem stayed with the club for only one playing season and was replaced


Napoli Logo 1927 In 1927 by a roundel logo with a brownish or gold ball inside a violet ring. This symbol, which was fundamentally different from all the following emblems, survived only a year.

1927 — 1964

Napoli Logo 1927
The Napoli badge from 1927 featured a bold and strong, yet very simple, composition with the gold uppercase letter “N” in a classy serif typeface placed on a solid light blue circle in a thin gold outline. All the light elements of the logo were outlines in thin black for better contrast and visibility. Overall the simplicity of the shapes and the strong color contrast made this Napoli badge memorable and instantly recognizable when placed on the club’s uniforms.

1964 — 1980

Napoli Logo 1964
The redesign of 1964 kept the concept of the previous badge, but made it more modern and strong, rewriting the “N” in a custom and sharp font and emboldening the golden frame of the blue circle. The logo was accompanied by the “S. S. C. Napoli” inscription in the uppercase of a traditional sans-serif typeface arched along the bottom border of the frame, with three segments in green, white, and red (colors of the Italian flag) embedded into the gold surface.

1980 — 2002

Napoli Logo 1980
The color palette of the logo, designed for the club in 1980, was built on two shades of blue and white. It was a solid light blue circle with a bold white letter “N” in a strong and clean serif typeface on it. Instead of the framing, the medallion was enclosed into a “Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli” inscription, written in all capitals of a traditional serif font around the perimeter, in dark blue.

2002 — 2004

Napoli Logo 2002
A few modifications were made to the Napoli badge in 2002. The middle part with the white letter “N” remained untouched, while the framing became thick and blue, with the inscription turning white and the “S. p. A.” Added to it. The letters around the badge became a bit smaller but didn’t lose their thickness and visibility. With the new blue frame, the badge started looking more balanced and complete.

2004 — 2006

Napoli Logo 2004
The lines of the badge were strengthened, cleaned, and refined in 2004, and this is also when the inscription was shortened to just “Napoli Soccer”, which was written along the bottom part of the circular frame of the Napoli badge. Its typeface was also slightly changed, with the main bars getting thicker and the serifs — shorter.

2006 — Today

Napoli logo
The redesign of 2006 introduced a modernized version of the blue and white Napoli emblem, with no additional lettering around its perimeter. Now the bold “N” and the thin inner outline of a smaller circle were the only white elements of the badge. Overall the medallion became more vivid and got a sense of motion, due to the addition of gradient blue shades and some gloss to its surface. The circle is now three-dimensional.

Napoli Colors

HEX COLOR: #003C82;
RGB: (0 60 130)
CMYK: (100 86 21 7)

RGB: (18 160 215)
CMYK: (74 21 2 0)

RGB: (255 255 255)
CMYK: (0 0 0 0)