Napoli Logo

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Napoli Logo

The Italian football club S.S.C. Napoli was established in 1926 under the name of Associazione Calcio Napoli. Since then, the team has gone through almost ten logotypes. However, there was some consistency in their design, too. The Napoli FC logo has almost always been a large “N” inside a light blue circle, the color probably inspired by the waters of the Gulf of Naples.

Meaning and history

history Napoli Logo

The first logo Napoli adopted featured a prancing horse on a ball inside a blue ellipse. The horse was surrounded by the letters “A,” “C,” and “N” (for Associazione Calcio Napoli). The emblem stayed with the club for only one playing season and was replaced in 1927 by a roundel logo with a brownish or gold ball inside a violet ring. This symbol, which was fundamentally different from all the following emblems, survived only a year.

Symbol in 1927- 2005

Napoli Symbol

During the following three decades, the club stuck to a circle emblem with a large yellow “N” and a thin yellow frame. The filling was light blue. The 1964 Napoli logo added three color patches (green, white, and red).

The 2006 emblem

Napoli emblem

Throughout the following decades, there was some playing around with the shade of blue, the shape and proportions of the elements, as well as the accompanying text. In 2006, Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli eventually introduced a blue gradient logo without any text, except the “N.”

napoli fc logo

logo napoli calcio