UCSB Gauchos Logo

UCSB Gauchos Logo

Before the 1990s, the UCSB Gauchos logo featured a man on a horse swinging boleadoras. The emblem was dominated by blue.

Meaning and history

UCSB Gauchos Logo history

In 1993, the brand identity of the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos was reinvented. Now, the primary logo showcased a wide-brimmed hat and Zorro-like mask gaucho. The character’s face could not be seen – only the piercing eyes. The blue lettering “Santa Barbara” was positioned above, while the word “Gauchos” in yellow was placed below.

In 2009, the athletic program went through a complete overhaul, which involved a logo update. The Zorro-like mask gaucho has grown larger – it now dominates the emblem. The abbreviation “UCSB” can be seen below.

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