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There are 14 teams in the athletic program of Saint Mary’s College of California in Moraga, California. The majority of varsity teams play in the West Coast Conference.

Meaning and history

Saint Mary’s Gaels Logo history

The inception of Saint Mary’s Gaels traces back to the foundational roots of Saint Mary’s College of California. This athletic identity emerged as a symbol of the college’s commitment to sports excellence. From the early days, the Gaels have carved out a distinct place in the annals of college sports history. Their journey is highlighted by impressive feats, especially in men’s basketball, where their persistent appearances in the NCAA Tournament have etched their name in the minds of sports enthusiasts. Beyond basketball, the Gaels have achieved commendable success in other sports domains like soccer and baseball, showcasing their diverse athletic prowess. Presently, Saint Mary’s Gaels stands as a beacon of athletic distinction in NCAA Division I, continuing its legacy in the competitive arena of the West Coast Conference. This ongoing saga of achievement and recognition cements the Gaels as a distinguished and respected player in the collegiate sports landscape.

What is Saint Mary’s College?
Saint Mary’s Gaels represents more than just an athletic program; it embodies the sporting spirit of Saint Mary’s College of California, actively competing in the NCAA Division I landscape, with a notable spotlight on their men’s basketball prowess.

1981 – 2006

Saint Mary’s Gaels Logo-1981On the older emblem, you could see the abbreviation “SMC” in blue with red trim. The glyphs are the initials of the name of the college.

2007 – Today

Saint Mary’s Gaels Logo

The 2007 Saint Mary’s Gaels logo looks pretty intricate and has apparent retro charm. On the top, there is the letter “M,” while the “S” and “C” are positioned from both sides. The ends of the letters have been extended to form a shield housing the white “G” over the red background.

Saint Mary’s Gaels Colors

HEX COLOR: #D80024;
RGB: (205,0,27)
CMYK: (0,100,99,4)

HEX COLOR: #06315B;
RGB: (0,55,104)
CMYK: (100,55,0,55)