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TVOKids is the name of the kids content broadcaster, established in Canada in 1994. The brand, which was originally known as TVO Children’s, is specialized in programs for preschool age and has several educational tv-shows along with mobile applications in its portfolio.

Meaning and history

TVOKids Logo history

One of the oldest programming blocks for kids in Canada had had a long and intense visual identity history with numerous redesigns held throughout the years. Established as TVO Children’s, the brand was renamed already in 1994, but the logo kept being changed.

1991 – 1994

TVOKids Logo 1991

The original badge from the programming block was designed in 1991 and stayed unchanged for almost three years. It was a dark gradient purple background with two levels of inscription set over it. The upper level featured a thin and elegant “TVO” in all capitals of an italicized serif typeface, while the bottom level featured an ExtraBold stylized “Children’s” in the uppercase, where each letter was drawn in its own geometrical style and color.

1994 – 2009

TVOKids Logo 1994

After the block was renamed to TVOKids in 1994, the logo was redesigned too. The new concept was quite minimalistic, and contained a bold bright logotype in the lowercase, with the “TVO” in red letters and black outline, and “Kids” in green and black. The letters of the inscription were jumping and evoked a very friendly and playful mood.

2009 – 2015

TVOKids Logo 2009

The design concept of the TVOKids logo was completely changed in 2009. It was a bold and modern badge, with the human figure holding a large rectangular banner with rounded corners. Both the figure and the banner were executed in one solid color, which varies depending on the needs — it could be pink, blue, red, green, yellow, or even black. As for the lettering, it was always set in bold white letters over the screen and used a modern sans-serif typeface with soft outer contours and straight ends’ cuts.

2015 – 2019

TVOKids Logo 2015

The redesign of 2015 simplified the concept but intensified the color palette of the TVOKids logo. It was a lowercase logotype in two different fonts — with “TVO” being a smooth serif typeface, and “Kids” in a bold traditional sans-serif. Each letter of the wordmark was set in its own color — turquoise, light green, and dark green for the first part, and orange, purple, blue, and pink for the second. The inscription could be set in two lines, or one horizontal, depending on the needs and placing.

2019 – Today

TVOKids Logo

In 2019 the badge was redesigned again, keeping the previous badge as the example, but slightly refining it. The “TVO” got slightly smaller and was now set in intense pink, while the “Kids” remained absolutely untouched in terms of contours and size, but got the colors brightened up and made more solid.