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Playful and eye-catching, the Jetix logo seemed to work great for its target audience, the children.

Meaning and history

Jetix was a worldwide television network for kids. It belonged to Jetix Europe, Jetix Latin America, and ABC Cable Networks Group. It was launched in early 2004 and closed in the summer of 2010.

The centerpiece of the Jetix logo is a stylized cat. The fact it has only one eye does not seem to be a problem – it looks as if the other eye is closed and the cat is giving a wink.

The cat is gray and white with red trim. The gradient adds a lot of depth, due to which the logo has a 3D effect.

Below the cat, there is the lettering “Jetix” given in the same bright shade of red as the cat’s outline. The type is an unpretentious, highly legible sans.

Jetix Play emblem

Jetix Emblem

Jetix Play was a sister channel to Jetix broadcasted in several European countries. The earliest logo featured the lettering “Jetix” in red with the iconic kitty to the right. The word “Play” in lager letters could be seen below. The design was placed inside a rectangle with rounded corners.

In the following version, the proportions of the two words changed: the word “Play” grew much larger. Also, it became red with blue trim. The rectangular frame disappeared.