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Twilight is a saga in the genres of romance and fantasy. The film is based on the eponymous 2005 novel, written by Stephenie Meyer. The main roles in this film, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, are played by Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson. This film focuses on the relationship between a teenage girl named Bella and a vampire named Edward.

Meaning and history

Twilight Logo history

The project was in the development process for around three years and was originally hosted by Paramount Pictures, but then given to Summit Entertainment. It was released in cinema theaters in November 2008, attracting over $400 million across the world, disregarding the poor reviews from critics. Following the movie’s release, the ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’ sequels were produced the next year.

The story focuses on a young girl named Bella, who moves to Washington state to live with her father. She tries to adapt to the new place and make friends in her new high school. There she finds the Cullen brothers especially mysterious, alienated, and attractive.

In an accident when Bella almost gets herself hit by a van, Edward Cullen instantly crosses the 30-feet distance and stops the vehicle with just a hand. After this, Ed tells her he is a vampire, which doesn’t fear her – instead, she falls in love with him. Then, he introduces her to the Cullen family, and then the love story begins.

What is Twilight?
Twilight is an American movie franchise, launched in 2008. It consists of the first film, as well as ‘Eclipse’ and ‘New Moon’ sequels. The films’ plot is based on Stephenie Meyer’s novel book, called the same. These are the movies in the genre of romance, drama, and fantasy. They focus on the love story of a teenage schoolgirl and a vampire. The main roles are played by Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

2006 – 2008

Twilight Logo 2006

The initial prototype of the logotype was a lowercase nameplate, depicted in a metallic typeface. It was a dark gray inscription with the central ‘l’ looking like a blade covered in blood.

2008 – today

Twilight Logo

The final version of the movie’s logotype is also the nameplate. They added multiple logotypes to the text caption, and now all characters were connected, while the ‘t’,’l’, and some other letters looked like crests. The lower part of the ‘g’ is spiraled, and it looked like a hypnotic circle.


Twilight Symbol

The general coloring of the text is silver. But the shades can change depending on the situation. There are full blue, orange and yellow logotypes, as well as those with the silver letters contoured red.