Tumblr Logo

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Tumblr Logo

The Tumblr logo incorporates only the name of the project and uses a very old typeface. However, the authors managed to make it fresh and contemporary and give it the sort of look that sticks in the mind.

Meaning and history

Tumblr Logo history

The original Tumblr emblem was born together with the project itself in 2007. The logo comprised a wordmark based on the Bookman Old Style, as well as a flower. The emblem remained almost the same, except for the color scheme, until mid-2013, when the company was purchased by Yahoo!

The changes introduced to the logo in 2013 were quite subtle – it was more of a facelift than a redesign. The job was done by the company’s in-house design team. If you look at the characters individually, you may see that the changes seem substantial, yet, when you view the wordmark as a whole, you may even not notice them, at first glance.

All the letters became a bit wider, so the whole wordmark now occupies more space. The most noticeable change took place with the “u” character – it lost its left serif. The letters “u” and “m” acquired smoother curves. As a result of this, the Tumblr logo may now seem a bit rounder and friendlier.


Emblem Tumblr

The emblem is based on the Bookman Old Style font. The typeface created more than 150 years ago received a subtle but impactful update, due to which it acquired an appealing and modern look. One of the keys is the spacing: the letters are a bit closer to each other than they should be.

Another interesting move is the use of lowercased letters instead of capitalized ones. Due to these features, as well as a couple of other modifications, the typeface and the wordmark, on the whole, have been made recognizable and unique.

Davidville flower symbol

Tumblr symbol

Originally, next to the Tumblr, a flower with 10 petals could be seen. In fact, the flower was taken from the Davidville project. However, when Tumblr was working at the v3 redesign, the company decided it could slim down the wordmark dramatically by dropping the flower.

If you are observant, you may notice that the Tumblr still has not got rid of the Davidville flower altogether: the emblem serves as the background for the anonymous icon.


Font Tumblr Logo

Bookman Old Style was created in 1860. It is a serif type, which was designed on the basis of the so-called “Old Style”, created by Alexander Phemister for the Miller & Richard foundry. Bookman somewhat resembles Caslon, but have more even and regular structure. Another notable feature refers to lower-case letters: they are wide and tall.


Color Tumblr Logo

The logo is most often given in one of the two versions: dark blue letters and white background or white letters and dark blue background.

Taking into consideration the type of service Tumblr provides, it seems absolutely natural that blue was chosen as the main color for the logo. This is the color of many projects connected with social networking, communication, information etc. However, Tumblr does have a unique feel due to the shade chosen. Dark, greyish hue makes the logo recognizable and helps to create a better contrast and legibility.