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Truth is an American producer of clothing, established in 2016. The shop is mostly present online, with few physical distribution points. They produce a large variety of garments, but mostly focus of sports gear. That includes joggers, jerseys, as well as typical clothing, such as hoodies, crop tops and shorts. This brand designs clothing for both men and women.

Meaning and History

Truth was founded in 2016 by a couple of American clothing designers. Not much is known about the brands besides that. It’s not really clear why this name was chosen out of so many other variants. More likely, it’s a statement about the ‘true’ style that their clothes exhibit. The company utilizes a black-and-white color scheme almost exclusively, which includes their products, as well as branding.

2016 – today

Truth Logo

The main logo looks like the name of the brand (‘Truth’), written in an elegant cursive writing. The writing is slightly sloped. Beneath its right half, there is a small sans-serif writing that says ‘clothing’ in all capital letters. This is the main logo, and it’s used most of the time. The other variants, as well as unofficial images, use a similar style, but with some changes.


The cursive font doesn’t resemble a quick signature as much as a careful calligraphy. All forms are drawn exquisitely – they are smooth, round and flexible. Not all letters are joined together. For instance, the first ‘T’ stands slightly apart. All of them are also underlined by a wavy stroke with largely the same appearance as the rest of these characters.


The coloring is mostly white or black. The letters are usually completely black and placed against a white background, or vice versa. The preference is usually in favor of the former choice. Their clothing follows the same style, although sometimes they use pink to designate the female collections.