Luli Fama Logo

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The creative forces behind Luli Fama are Lourdes “Luli” Hanimian and her brother-in-law Augusto Hanimian. The range focuses mainly on swimwear, activewear, and resort wear apparel.

Meaning and history

The Luli Fama logo is by far more colorful and exuberant than a regular fashion logo. To understand why it looks the way it does, you need to see its products. Some of their characteristic features, according to the brand, are “universally flattering fit,” “vibrant hues,” “bold prints.”

There is something festive and glamorous about the logo, and it also reflects the ocean theme. The star (which is also a starfish) is glistening with gold highlights. The gold trim of the lettering is paired with the shade of blue reminiscent of clear ocean lagoons.

What is Luli Fama?
Luli Fama is a fashion brand known for its luxurious swimwear and resort wear. With a focus on vibrant colors, bold prints, and flattering designs, Luli Fama offers stylish options for beach lovers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide.