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One of the best known Italian fashion labels, Trussardi was established in 1911 as a leather glove manufacturer. By the 1990s, it was selling internationally. In the 2010s, its annual revenue reached EUR 152 million.

Meaning and history

Trussardi Logo

The current Trussardi logo was introduced in the fall of 2017. It featured the name of the fashion house next to a stylized dog. The dog is the greyhound, which has been the symbol of Trussardi for a good number of years now. The figure of the dog is black. It is placed to the right of the wordmark.

You can come across older versions where the greyhound could be seen atop the wordmark and where it featured a striped pattern.

Also, there existed a version featuring two more realistic greyhounds standing on both sides of a shield. The shield, in its turn, housed a stylized greyhound.