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Vero Moda is one of the brands owned by the Denmark-based clothing and accessories company Bestseller. Bestseller is family-owned. This brand was created in 1987. They largely design and sell women’s clothing. There are lots of varieties: from sports clothing to formal attires to beachwear.

Meaning and History

Vero Moda was introduced in 1987 in Denmark. It’s one of the major regional suppliers of clothing in Scandinavia, although abroad it’s not as renowned. The company uses the latest fashion choices from the top studios of Europe. Even their name can be translated from Italian as ‘real fashion’. Because of that, these products are often premium quality and priced as such.

1987 – today

Vero Moda Logo

The centerpiece of their logo is the brand’s name. It’s a single line of text, styled as ‘VERO MODA’ – all in uppercase. The font is a sans-serif, but not a basic typographic one. The lines in these vary in width, and the letters in general are broader than usual, which creates an imposing look.

They often put the motto beneath the main wordmark, as well. It says ‘together in style’ – the font is a more typical sans-serif with uniform thin letters. They are also taller, but at the same time much smaller than their counterparts above. The coloring is mainly black for all these text bits.

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