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Trussardi Jeans is the denim line sold by the Italian fashion label Trussardi. The range includes casual wear for both men and women. While the fashion house was established in 1911, the Trussardi Jeans line was introduced in 1986.

Meaning and history

Trussardi Jeans Logo

Similar to the primary logo of the fashion house, the Trussardi Jeans logo features a greyhound. The noble and sophisticated animal has been incarnating Trussardi’s ideology for years. It appeared in older logos, too.

In the case of the current Trussardi Jeans emblem, the dog is placed under the word “Trussardi” and before the word “Jeans.” The lettering features the same elegant serif type as on the company’s primary logo.

What is Trussardi Jeans?
Trussardi Jeans is an Italian fashion company known for its high-quality denim clothing and accessories. With a strong emphasis on contemporary style and craftsmanship, Trussardi Jeans offers a wide range of jeans, jackets, shirts, and bags that blend casual elegance with Italian sophistication.