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Trivago is an online travel service, specializes in meta detach in the related fields. The company was established in Germany in 2005 and today is owned by Expedia, one of the leading travel agencies in the world.

Meaning and history

Trivago Logo history

The Trivago visual identity has always been text-based and very simple, though the laconic approach to composition was compensated by a bright color palette, con-sisting of three bright shades.

What is Trivago?
Trivago is the online travel-service, which was established in Germany in 2005, and specialized in providing information on hotels, being the first search-engine in hospitality in its country. Today Trivago, based in Düsseldorf, is available in almost 200 countries across the globe.

2005 — 2007

Trivago Logo 2005

The original logo for Trivago was created in 2005. It was a wordmark in the lower-case with the letter “T” stylized and placed inside a solid blue circle. The orange “T” outlines in white were the brightest sport of all the insignia and were followed by a strict and modest “Riva” in a dark gray sans-serif, and a bold orange “Go”.

2007 — 2013

Trivago Logo 2007

The redesign of 2007 removed the circular element from the logo and made the whole inscription executed in one style, but still three different colors. The jumping and overlapping letters of the wordmark were still written in the lowercase but feature a bold and modern sans-serif typeface, a white outline, and a light gray shadow. The colors for “tri”-“va”-“go” were light blue, yellow, and red respectively.

2013 — Today

Trivago logo

The color palette was kept, but the wordmark got redesigned in 2013. The lettering is now set in one line, which looks more solid and professional. The wordmark is executed in a bold sans-serif with smooth clean lines and not much space between the letters. All the shades have been elevated and became a bit darker and sleeker.

The current Trivago logo is the most minimalist of all versions, yet is looks confident and reflects the purpose of the company — to open new horizons to its customers and to show them the world full of different wonders and emotions.

Font and color

The bold lowercase Trivago logotype from the primary logo of the company is set in a modern sans-serif typeface, with stable letters featuring classic shapes and straight cuts. The closest font to the one used in this badge is Avenir Pro 95 Black.

As for the color palette of the Trivago visual identity, it is composed of a calm blue, intense orange, and dark red. These three shades create a very confident and solid image, representing the company as a professional, passionate and trustworthy one.

Corporate logo

The Trivago corporate logo is slightly different from the online platform’s badge, although uses the same typeface for the lowercase logotype, which is set under a bright abstract emblem. The inscription on the corporate insignia is usually executed in dark gray, but can also be seen in black.

As for the graphical part of the logo, it is drawn in the color palette, repeating the Trivago insignia, blue, orange, and red. The emblem looks like a ring with its contour opened in the top part, and the ends soft and rounded. The ring is drawn with a slight turn, which adds a sense of motion and volume to the simple shapes of the elements.