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Travel Up, a UK-based company, operates in the travel sector, specializing in affordable global travel and flights. It includes Travel Up Limited (Private) and Travel Up Group PLC (Public), both active and England-based. The Group recently expanded by acquiring online holiday companies like, joining other brands like Magic Holidays and Bravo Travel. These acquisitions are part of a strategy to increase market share and integrate marketing and talent. Travel Up’s core service is offering cost-effective travel solutions globally.

Meaning and history

Travel Up’s journey began with its founder, Ali Shah, who moved to the UK in 2002 from Pakistan’s Punjab province. With a background in selling holidays, Shah started his first UK business venture by advertising flights to Bangkok on Teletext, focusing on consumer-centric travel services. In those early days, he emphasized personal customer service, even sending handwritten ‘thank you’ cards to customers​​.

In 2004, recognizing the potential in digitalization, Shah developed a bespoke website and booking system named E-Traveller, which remains central to Travel Up’s operations. This system was a critical step in scaling the business and laid the foundation for Travel Up’s digital transformation​​.

Shah continues to be the majority owner and an active participant in the company. He takes pride in the team at Travel Up, emphasizing its talent and leadership within the travel sector​​. The company’s principle has always been to offer the best deals and experiences to consumers, especially in long-haul flights. Over time, this focus has broadened to include a wide range of flights, catering to customers traveling for major, once-in-a-lifetime holidays or visiting family across continents. By 2023, Travel Up worked with over 200 airlines and 400,000 hotels globally, signifying its extensive market reach and success​​.

Travel Up faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, like many in the travel industry. The company had to quickly adapt to the crisis, developing a new in-house system within seven weeks to handle the surge in refund requests. This response demonstrated the company’s agility and commitment to customer service during unprecedented times​​.

Throughout its evolution, Travel Up has remained focused on simplifying travel booking, offering a wide range of options from flights to excursions and experiences. Their technology, aimed at finding the best deals, reflects their commitment to making worldwide travel effortless for customers​​.


Travel UP Logo

This is a typographic logo consisting of two words, “travel” – a lowercase, bold sans-serif font in a light blue hue. Next to it is the word “up” in a lighter shade of blue, maintaining the same font style and weight. There are three blue dots above the “up” text. The simplicity of the design offers a modern and accessible approach to travel.