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Swissvax is a brand of car care products manufacturing company, which was established in 1930 in Switzerland. Today is one of the world’s leaders in its segment with its products distributed all over the world.

Meaning and history

Swissvax logo

The company’s visual identity is laconic and elegant. Based on traditional principles, the brand’s logo looks light yet confident and classy.

The Swissvax logo is composed of a wordmark and a delicate emblem above it. There is also additional lettering on the top and bottom parts of the company’s insignia.

The emblem of the brand is pretty common for every Swiss brand — it depicts a white cross on a red background, as on the national flag of Switzerland. The emblem features a rhombus shape and looks neat and distinct.

Swissvax Emblem

Besides the tribute to the company’s roots and heritage, the symbol also represents a balanced and powerful brand, which is professional and confident. The red and white color combination of the visual identity is a reflection of the passion and energy of a constantly growing and developing business.

The upper part of the logo contains a “Swiss Waxmakers Since 1930” inscription, which is arched, softening the sharp angles of the emblem.

The tagline “High-Performance Car Care” is placed under the main wordmark and looks strict and serious, accenting of the company’s professionalism.


The wordmark and all additional lettering of the Swissvax logo are written in all capitals and executed in one typeface with sophisticated sharp glyphic serifs.

The typeface of the corporate logo is very similar to Copperplate Gothic font, which was designed by Frederic Goudy at the beginning of the 20th century and was extremely popular in the 1930s — 1950s when the company was established.

Swissvax Logo

The elegant serifs add unique character to the inscription, while the traditional straight lines of the letters show the brand as serious and confident. It looks fancy and even posh, but with a monochrome palette — timeless and trustworthy.


The family-owned Swiss company was founded by Hans Anwander in 1930. And the thing that makes it special today is its dedication and value of traditions and heritage, which were set at the very beginning of the business. The first company’s developments were used mostly for furniture and floor, but then the field of activity switched to vehicles.

Today the company develops and manufactures a complete range of care system products for cars and boats, which includes all the stages — cleaning, washing, and polishing.

The brand has a perfect reputation all over the world and its products are used by the most famous and sophisticated collectors and vehicle distributors.

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