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Zeiss is a Herman brand of optical equipment and lenses manufacturing company, which was established in 1846z today the brand distributes its products all over the world as well as supplies its lenses to the world’s biggest companies.

Meaning and history

The Zeiss visual identity is instantly recognizable across the world. It is modern, bright and laconic. Composed of a white wordmark placed on a blue square, the logo has a few details, which make the brand’s visual identity unique and special.

The Zeiss wordmark in all capitals is executed in a bold serif typeface with smooth sleek lines. The font of the lettering is close to Clarendon Black, but with modernized shapes of “Z” and “S”, which looks like a mirror of each other.

At the bottom of the blue square, there is a white arch, which represents the field of the company, symbolizing a lens.

Zeiss Logo

The bright contrast of blue and white makes the logo fresh and crispy, evoking a sense of professionalism and authority. Blue is known to be the symbol of reliability and stability, while white is a color of unity and loyalty.

The Zeiss logo is minimalist yet full of meaning and power. It looks eye-catching and memorable. The logo of the company is modern and doesn’t need any extra detail to stay actual for many more years.