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Toyzz Shop is a Turkish chain of toys retailer, which is considered to be the largest in the nation. Today the company has more than 100 shops across the country and also operates through its online platform, offering a wide selection of toys available with the delivery across Turkey.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the Turkish company is bright and friendly. The two-colored logo of the toy retailer evokes a sense of happiness and joy.

The logo is composed of a custom bright wordmark, where “Toyzz” is yellow is followed by a “Shop” in red. The nameplate is executed in a custom cartoon-style typeface, with ultra-thick lines, a thin black outline, and a delicate shadow, which adds volume and dynamics to the logo.

Toyzz Shop Logo

The red and yellow combination is probably the most lively of all the possible options and is a great choice for the company, which provides kids nationwide with the toys and accessories.

The jumping letters of the nameplate are playful and evoke a sense of energy and motion, reflecting the character of every kid.

The bright and contemporary logo of the company evokes a smile and represents a strong and confident brand, which is also reliable and loyal to its customers and aims to bring happiness to every house of the country.

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