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Standard Motor Products, Inc. is an American automotive parts manufacturer specializing in engine management and temperature control products. The publicly-traded company is headquartered in Long Island City, New York. With operations extending across North America, Europe, and Asia, the company supplies a broad range of replacement parts for cars and trucks. Their product lines include ignition and electrical systems, sensors, wire and cable sets, as well as climate control systems like heating and air conditioning components.

Meaning and history

Standard Motor Products Logo history

Standard Motor Products was founded in 1919 by Elias Fife and Ralph Van Allen. It started as a modest automotive parts shop but has grown significantly over the years. Among its most notable achievements is its robust portfolio of products, featuring over 40,000 parts, that contribute to engine performance, emission control, and vehicle electronics. The company is a key supplier to the automotive aftermarket industry and holds multiple patents for innovations in ignition technology and other engine components. With a workforce that extends across three continents, Standard Motor Products has manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company remains a well-regarded leader in the automotive parts sector, serving both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the aftermarket.

What is Standard Motor Products?
Standard Motor Products is an American company specializing in automotive replacement parts. Founded in 1919, it focuses on engine management and temperature control products for cars and trucks. The company operates globally with headquarters in Long Island City, New York.

1948 – 1976

Standard Motor Products Logo 1948

The emblem of the company is just as basic as the name. the designers used a bold, sans-serif, italicized font to print the name. The font closely resembles Helvetica Pro Black Oblique. The red color with an orange tint allowed this simple logo to stand out no matter where it was placed. It surely did not require any other elements to make it better.

1976 – 2001

Standard Motor Products Logo 1976

The company decided to enhance the logo it created earlier. The inscription was placed on a red parallelogram, so it was now done in a contrasting white. To make it look grander, they added a cold metallic silver border around it. It was accompanied by a large “S” initial in the background. The “S” was done in the same style as the border around the red banner and its outline even flowed right into that border.

2001 – 2006

Standard Motor Products Logo

This logo looks quite different than the earlier versions. The color palette consists of black and various shades of blue. The new name was Standard Motor Products, Inc. It was printed using a basic, sans-serif font with bold and large initials above. The initials were printed in black using a Eurostile LT Pro Bold Extended font. The logo was decorated by an abstract globe drawing that consisted of five curved lines of different shades. This new version reflected the company’s global reach with facilities on different continents and parts of the world.