Goodwill Logo

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Goodwill Logo
The hidden message incorporated within the Goodwill logo not only attracts attention, but also tells a lot about the company itself.

Meaning and History logo

Goodwill Logo history

As a non-profit organization Goodwill provides services to those who need help in job training, finding employment and things like that. Their clients are people who do not have adequate education or job experience, people with disabilities or those who cannot find employment.
The organization has a rich history which began in 1902, and its logo is 50 years old.
goodwill logo
The Goodwill logo is notable for its clever design. At first sight the symbol in the top left-hand corner of the rectangle looks like a smiley face. At the same time it looks like a lower case letter “g”. You just need to take a closer look at the image to notice it.
The letter “g” in the wordmark “goodwill” placed below has the same design. Using just these two stylized elements, the designer, Joseph Selame, managed to communicate a feeling of happiness and create a real emblem of Goodwill’s mission.
The “g” symbol used twice represents the faces of the people within the organization.
The color palette of the “Smiling G” emblem is blue, black and white.