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Bleame is a company that specializes in innovative hair removal with its signature Crystal Hair Eraser using Nano Crystalline Technology. This product not only removes hair but also exfoliates the skin, promoting a smooth finish. Committed to both effectiveness and skin safety, Bleame’s offerings are crafted to be affordable and easy to use.

Meaning and history

A notable achievement of the company is its contribution to environmental sustainability; it is estimated that Bleame users will prevent over three million disposable plastic razors from entering landfills this year. The company takes pride in this eco-friendly impact​​​​​​.


Bleame Logo

The logo displays the name “Bleame” in a simple yet elegant sans-serif font. The color is a soft, lilac hue that conveys a sense of creativity and innovation. There is a modern, friendly vibe to the typography, with the roundness of the letters suggesting accessibility and ease of use. The choice of color might be associated with qualities such as charm and wit, reflecting the brand’s personality. The logo’s clean lines and lack of additional graphic elements suggest a minimalist and straightforward approach, in line with current design trends.

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