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Toy Story is a series of animated movies, released by Pixar and Walt Disney in 1995. The franchise tells a story about a boy Andy and his toys, and with each new release, we see Andy at different ages with new values and interests, while the toys remain the same.

Meaning and history

Toy Story Logo history

Toy Story is one of the first animated feature films created entirely on a computer. Before that, they were either puppets or fully-drawn cartoons.

The main characters of the cartoon are toys that live in the room of their owner, a boy named Andy Davis. All the toys are alive, although they carefully hide them from their owner. Every year for Andy’s birthday new toys are given, so the old ones have to worry on this day, because with the appearance of a new toy they may be forgotten and rejected – then either a garage sale or a landfill awaits them.

Only Eddie’s favorite, cowboy Woody, doesn’t worry about anything. However, when the boy receives a Buzz Lightyear astronaut figurine as a gift, Woody is quickly forgotten. That’s when the cowboy decides to reclaim his first place in Andy’s heart. Thus begins the first part of Toy Story, which is developed in subsequent releases.

In 2011, Toy Story won the Oscar for the misguided animated film. This franchise is considered a major product of Pixar, and the first collaboration between Pixar and Walt Disney Studios.

What is Toy Story?
Toy Story is the name of an American series of animated movies, first released in 1995 by Pixar Animation Studios. This is the First fully computer-generated animated film, which tells a story of a boy and his toys that came alive.

In terms of visual identity, the franchise has always been very consistent and stable, basing each new logo on the original one, and only decorating it with a new digit and small elements.


Toy Story Logo 1995

The very first Toy Story logo was designed in 1995 by Susan Bradley. It was two-leveled lettering in a bright and juicy color palette, composed of yellow, blue, and red. The upper line of the badge boasts a heavy uppercase “Toy” in yellow with a thick blue outline, while the “Story” was written in plain yellow capitals across the solid red rectangular banner at the bottom of the logo.


Toy Story Logo 1999

With the release of the second part of the cartoon, the new logo was introduced in 1999. It was the same old banner in yellow, red, and blue, but accompanied by an enlarged “2” drawn in the same style as the “Toy” and placed at the bottom of the badge, slightly overlapping the red banner with the “Story” lettering.


Toy Story Logo 2010

The third part of the Toy Story franchise saw the light in 2010. For its logo, the “2” was replaced by the “3” and the two logotypes of the animation studios were placed above the emblem. Those were the iconic Disney insignia, and the Pixar one, both executed in blue, the same shade as was used for the outline of the letters in the badge.


Toy Story Logo 2019

The logo for the fourth part of the Toy Story franchise was created in 2019, with the composition untouched, but the “3” was replaced by “4” and the color palette lightened up, which made the badge look brighter and more eye-catching.

Font and color

Toy Story Logo

The heavy geometric lettering from the primary Toy Story badge is set in a modern sans-serif font with massive characters featuring clean contours and straight cuts with sharp angles of the lines. The fonts, used in this insignia by its designer, Susan Bradley, are Eagle Bold and Gill Sans Ultra Bold.

As for the color palette of the Toy Story visual identity, it is composed of bright and intense shades of yellow, red, and blue, colors, which perfectly reflect the mood and essence of the franchise, and make everyone want to watch these amazing animated movies. Yellow evokes a sense of happiness and joy, while red is here to strengthen the composition and add some power and passion to it, and blue is a balancing and calming hue, creating a stronger contrast between the elements.