Power Rangers Logo

Power Rangers Logo

One of the most well-known live-action superhero children’s television series created in the US, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers gave rise to the successful merchandise that has lasted since 1993.

Meaning and history Power Rangers Logo

The logo for the original Power Rangers series included extremely bright, almost neon, shades of pink, green, and violet. They were used as a background for a yellow 3D wordmark “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. The wordmark was broken in two by a bolt of electricity, created using the 3D effect.

Interestingly enough, if you had lived in Malaysia at the time, you would have seen a slightly different logo. The words “Mighty Morphin” disappeared because of the similarity between the word “Morphin” and the drug Morphine.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel symbol (2017)

Power Rangers Ninja Steel symbol

The updated Power Rangers logo adds a bit of metal to the lettering. Like the original version, it also has a bolt of electricity dividing the wordmark in two parts.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel emblem

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel emblem

The season of the show released in 2018 remains consistent in terms of the logo’s visual core. However, there has certainly been a shift in the color scheme, as well as the typeface.

Font of the Power Rangers Logo

Font Power Rangers Logo

The 2018 version of the wordmark includes three custom fonts. The type used for the words “Power Rangers” has characteristic parts of the letters “P”, “O”, “R”, and “S”: they look as if they were taken from a hexagon. The letters in the word “Super” look curvy, while the “Ninja Steel” type has sharp or straight angles.

Color of the Power Rangers Logo

Color Power Rangers Logo

The Power Rangers logo featured a wide variety of color schemes throughout its more than 25-year history.