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Les Serres Toundra, located in Québec, Canada, specializes in environmentally sustainable cucumber cultivation. Established in 2016, it’s renowned as Québec’s largest cucumber producer. Their unique approach combines advanced Dutch agricultural techniques with a commitment to reducing environmental impact, offering fresh, quality cucumbers year-round. The company’s primary market is the local Quebecois community, emphasizing local produce for local consumers. Details about current ownership are not readily available. Toundra is celebrated for its blend of quality produce and eco-friendly practices​​​​.

Meaning and history

Toundra Logo history

Les Serres Toundra, a significant greenhouse enterprise located in Québec, Canada, has a remarkable journey marked by innovation and growth. Officially inaugurated in December 2016, the company was founded by Éric Dubé, Bertrand, and Caroline Fradet. A notable feature of their operation is the use of waste heat from Produits forestiers Résolu’s pulp mill to meet 25% of the greenhouses’ energy needs, showcasing an innovative approach to ecological industrial development​​.

The enterprise uses a cogeneration plant to produce heat, which is then used to maintain optimal temperatures for cucumber cultivation. This system, combined with high-efficiency, low-emission natural gas boilers, exemplifies their commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, the company utilizes a computer system to control over 700 environmental and plant growth parameters, ensuring efficient and pesticide-free production of millions of cucumbers annually​​.

Toundra’s productivity is remarkable, achieving a higher yield than initially anticipated. Their use of CO2 generated during natural gas combustion enhances plant growth, contributing to their status as one of Canada’s most productive greenhouses​​.


Toundra Logo 2016

The logo for Les Serres Toundra features a stylized representation of a greenhouse with a leaf emblem, symbolizing the company’s focus on sustainable agriculture. The word “SERRES” is prominently displayed in uppercase letters, showcasing the company’s expertise in greenhouse farming. The name “TOUNDRA” sits below, with the “O” forming the greenhouse’s dome. The color palette is green, suggesting freshness, organic growth, and a commitment to the environment. “Greenhouse” is written below, reinforcing the business’s core operation, with a modern and eco-friendly vibe.

2016 – 2023

Toundra Logo 20161

The logo presents “TOUNDRA” in bold, earth-toned letters, with a bright green dot for the ‘O’ and a sharp, triangular ‘A’ resembling a peak or a leaf tip. Below, “GREENHOUSE SERRES” confirms their industry in a straightforward, modern font. Compared to the previous logo, this design is more minimalist and uses contrast effectively, with the green accentuating their focus on fresh, sustainable produce. The triangular ‘A’ adds a dynamic edge, suggesting innovation and growth, aligning with their forward-thinking approach to agriculture. The dark background gives a premium feel, differentiating it from the earlier, lighter design.

2023 – Today

Toundra Logo

The logo spells “toundra” in lower-case, bold, forest green letters, conveying a grounded and organic feel. It’s a stark contrast to the previous logos, focusing solely on the text without any additional graphic elements. This design suggests simplicity and a back-to-basics approach, possibly highlighting a focus on the essential qualities of the brand—purity and naturalness. Compared to the earlier versions, this logo’s minimalism could signal a more modern, no-frills philosophy, resonating with audiences seeking unadorned quality.

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