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Blizzard is a Video-games developing company, which was established in 1991 in the United States. The studio started creating its games only in 1993, and before that, it was specialized in manufacturing ports for other brands.

Meaning and history

Blizzard Logo history

1994 – 2015

Blizzard Logo 1994

The first Blizzard logo was created in 1994 and became a basis for the design we all know today. The initial badge featured a black rectangular background, oriented horizontally; and a dark blue custom uppercase inscription on it. The uneven letters with “pixel-like” contours and sharp ends of the lines looked a bit spooky, but still playful and very memorable. The “Entertainment” tagline was set under the black badge, in black color, with its uppercase letters, placed with a lot of space between each other, executed in a modern and clean sans-serif typeface.

2015 – Today

Blizzard logo
The Blizzard visual identity is based on the nameplate, which looks artistic and cre-ative due to the typeface used. The blue color of the lettering is one more element, which makes the Blizzard logo recognizable across the globe.

The Blizzard nameplate in all the capital letters is executed in a custom typeface with uneven lines. The font is similar to The Burning Crusade font.

The lettering is narrowed and vertically stretched, creating a striped pattern, which looks a little ominous, especially in the brand’s signature color palette.

The Blizzard color scheme is blue on black. The lettering uses gradient blue in order to create a three-dimensional effect, while the background is solid.

The “Entertainment” tagline in all-caps is written in white using a simple sans-serif typeface and adds balance and lightness to a dark company’s logo.
The Blizzard logo is iconic and very well-known all over the world. It is a great rep-resentative for one of the gaming industry leaders, with a perfect reputation and progressive approach.