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The Rehau Group specializes in manufacturing plastics products for construction, industry, and automotive companies. It is a family-owned group headquartered in the city of Rehau, Germany. Its history started in 1948.

Meaning and history

You can come across not less than two versions of the Rehau logo. The only thing that makes them different is the palette (one version is brighter, while the other one is grayish).

The emblem is dominated by the name of the company in an elongated yet heavy sans serif typeface. While the proportions and shapes of the majority of the letters are quite simple, the “A” adds an original touch.

Rehau Logo

The wordmark is probably the most recognizable part of the logo as it can be seen on various products on its own, without the symbol. The symbol combines three elements of identical shape and different colors (green, red, and gray or black). The way they are positions creates an illusion of circular motion.