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Tommy Bahama embodies an idyllic, laid-back island lifestyle through its premium clothing and lifestyle brand, blending fashion with leisure. Conceived by Tony Margolis, Bob Emfield, and Lucio Dalla Gasperina, the trio aimed to craft a brand that captures the essence of coastal life and relaxation. Originating in Seattle, Washington, the brand was designed to offer customers a taste of luxurious, tropical living through apparel, accessories, and home decor, inviting them to embrace the spirit of endless summer.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1993 in Seattle, Washington, by visionaries Tony Margolis, Bob Emfield, and Lucio Dalla Gasperina, Tommy Bahama was born from a dream to encapsulate the luxury and ease of island living.

The brand’s unique name and concept were inspired by fictional character sketches, embodying a refined yet carefree coastal lifestyle. Initially focusing on silk camp shirts and tailored pants, Tommy Bahama quickly expanded into a comprehensive lifestyle brand, offering everything from clothing to home furnishings, all designed to bring a slice of paradise into everyday life. With an emphasis on quality, comfort, and a touch of tropical escapism, Tommy Bahama has grown into an international symbol of leisure and beachfront sophistication, inviting people across the globe to relax in style.

Over the years, its commitment to capturing the essence of coastal living in high-quality products has remained unchanged, making Tommy Bahama synonymous with laid-back luxury and serene vacation vibes.

What is Tommy Bahama?
Tommy Bahama stands as a sanctuary of coastal indulgence, weaving the essence of island leisure into its fabric of life. Birthed in 1993 by a trio of dreamers in Seattle, it has flourished into a realm where fashion marries the laid-back luxury of beachside living, offering an escape into a world of tropical bliss through its clothing, accessories, and home decor.


Tommy Bahama Logo

The logo showcases an elegant marlin silhouette leaping above the brand name “Tommy Bahama” in a flowing, cursive script. The marlin, poised in mid-jump, conveys a sense of freedom and effortless grace. Below, the brand name exudes a relaxed sophistication with its swooping, calligraphic letters, reflecting the brand’s affinity for leisure and luxury. This emblematic imagery symbolizes a life of seaside leisure and the pursuit of paradise.

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